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Closets: Design and Inspiration

When looking for a new home, one of the top priorities for each bedroom is whether or not there is enough closet space. Having enough storage can make a big difference in how spacious, relaxing and calming your bedroom feels. Here are a few examples of how to make any closet feel fabulous!

closets design

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Adding a large mirror to the far wall of your closet is one of the easiest ways to add depth to your closet space. The beautiful gold detailing on the mirror frame picks up on the glamorous feel of the sparkling chandelier.

walkin closet designs

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These expansive drum pendant lights add a bit of drama to this bright and airy walk-in closet. The windowpane cabinets help create organized storage space that still looks very stylish.

closets design

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Plenty of mirrors and natural light makes this walk-in closet a dream come true. A small bench and ottoman are a good idea, if you’re fortunate to have the space, for folding your clothes, laying out some outfits or just taking a second to pull on your boots.

closets design

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This combined closet and bathroom makes excellent use of space, providing plenty of storage, lighting and space. Built-in shelving allows you to customize your storage to fit in perfectly with the size of your closet.

walkin closet designs

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Black painted cupboards and a modern chandelier makes this closet very chic and dramatic. Recessed lights help brighten any dark corners.

closets design

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The crisp white French doors on this closet are a wonderful option for closets that do not offer much space. The doors open up without taking up much room outside of the closet, and allow full access to the lower drawers inside.

walkin closet design

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A brilliant light like this pendant light can make all the difference in how luxurious a closet feels. The mirrored center table helps add a bit of glitz to this lovely closet, as well.

walkin closet designs

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This fabulous closet is big enough to live in. The soft lavender color is perfect against the white in the rest of the room and the gold mirror frame. The wallpapered ceiling is a lovely accent that would help brighten even a modestly sized closet. 

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