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Interested in writing for us?

Home For Her is a community based site and we welcome input from our members.  If you are interested in submitting work, please follow the submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines:

  • As a International magazine we are  interested in hearing from writers around the world. We are looking for general topics not specific to a certain city or location.
  •  We are here to help independent women homeowners and although we don’t require our writers to be women, we do want the content to be written with them in mind so no mention of double incomes or spouses.
  • The article requirements are it has to be a min. of 500 words.
  •  We do not allow links within the body of the article, however, you are welcome to put a link to your site in the 2-3 sentence author bio which is at the end of the article. A maximum of two links are permitted within the byline. The targets of these links are open for review by the Home For Her Team and may be removed if deemed inappropriate.
  • As well, the following rules need to be followed.

No affiliate links
No self promotion
No degrading content
No malicious backlinks
No duplicate content

    •  If you have a high quality photograph to illustrate your article, please forward that as well. Include the website the photo is from so we can give photo credit.


  • We like to vary the content so we may hold your submission if necessary. We will email you when the article is live on our site.
  • In lieu of cash payment, we give our writers publicity on our website through linking to their websites/emails and publishing a short bio.


Who are we looking for?

  • Experts in the Real Estate industry covering buying or selling homes, mortgages, inspections,  saving for downpayments, etc.
  • Experts in the Renovation /Interior Design industries covering renovations, interior design, decorating, home maintenance, etc.
  • Experts in Landscaping covering gardening,  curb appeal,  outdoor living spaces, etc.
  • Woman homeowners who wants to share a renovation experience or discuss how you have faced certain challenges in owning a home.

Legal Stuff for Guest Bloggers

Upon submission of an article you agree to give us perpetual, royalty free, exclusive rights to the use the content for however long we wish provided we give you writer’s credit.

All content submitted must be your own original content. You may not plagiarise in your article.

We reserve the exclusive right to reject any submitted article. We are not obliged to provide a reason for the rejection. Furthermore we reserve the right to discontinue use and/or delete the article at any time without notice. Once again we are under no obligation to provide a reason should we choose to no longer use or delete content.

You must cite all quotes and provide all references used.

Thanks for your interest in being a part of our community. We look forward to working with you.

To submit your work Click Here  or email homeforher@gmail.com