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Home Renovation: How to Reduce Dust in Construction

By Kathryn Haley

dust reduceOne of the biggest concerns people have before beginning a renovation is the amount of dirt and dust that will be created.  The idea of having their home covered in a layer of dust keeps many from starting. If you have allergies or health issues need to be extra careful.

Although you can’t eliminate all dust and dirt during a renovation, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of dust that is created and control its spread throughout your home.  So whether you are using a contractor or doing the work yourself, here are some tips for reducing dust.   


1/ Seal Room

 You can purchase rolls of thin plastic that you can seal off the work areas with. Hang the plastic in doorways and openings and tape it to the door frames. Make sure it is a tight seal, especially when sanding drywall.   

 2/ Cover Ducting

 Be sure to seal off the floor vents and cold air returns in the rooms you are renovating. Once dirt and dust get into the vents it will spread throughout the house when you turn the system on. It will also require you to pay to have them cleaned out.  Simply close them and seal them with plastic and tape.

3/ Use Dustless Drywall Compound

dust reduce

 If you have ever had drywall work done you know the dust gets everywhere and lingers in the air for days.  I discovered this product the last time I did a major renovation and it really works.  Instead of going airborne and staying airborne, the dust falls to the floor and stays there.  It is available at Home Depot and other home improvement stores and it is a must if you are doing drywall work.



4/ Wear layers

 You probably won’t be able to get hired workers to wear them, but if you are doing the work yourself, buy some painters overalls and wear them. They are very inexpensive, you can find them at the dollar store, and they will protect your clothes and help you control the dirt.

Wear them when you are doing drywall sanding or any other dusty task, and then remove them before leaving the room. That way you keep the dirt and dust in the room and you don’t track it throughout the house.   

 5/ Cut Materials Outside.

 Yes, it is more convenient to set up saws near the room being renovated, especially if it is upstairs. However, cutting tiles and wood in the garage or backyard is an easy way to minimize saw dust and tile dust.

6/ Make Cleanup Easy dust reduce rosin paper

Another great product that makes clean up and containing dust and dirt easier is Rosin paper. Cover your floors with the paper and tape it in place before you start renovating. Once you are finished you can simply roll up the paper with the dirt and dust inside and throw it out.   An added bonus is it protects your tile or hardwood flooring from damage as well.


Let’s face it, renovations are messy. There is no way to do a renovation and not have some dirt and dust. However, if you follow these tips it will much easier to control the dirt and reduce the dust.

Do you have any other tips to help keep renovation dust under control? Let us know in the comments below.   



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