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Ready to Buy? Advice From A Realtor

By Colette Gerber

real estate advice Ladies, did you know that it’s a Buyer’s market? And did you know about 35% of people buying their first home are single women? As a group we (yes, I too am single) have more disposable income than any other time in history. After you’ve made the decision to buy, the first step should be to obtain mortgage pre-approval.

Lenders are beginning to recognize the power women wield with their disposable income and are willing to lend generously to single females. Personally, I prefer to use a mortgage broker  since they will shop a number of lenders to ensure you get the best possible rate without gender bias. Mortgage pre-appproval gives you clout when it comes time to make an offer to purchase. Knowing that you have financing in place, sellers will take your offer seriously. As well, the pre-approval letter-which you should get in writing- establishes how much you can spend on real estate. This ensures you are looking in the correct price range.

In the current Buyer’s market there is a larger inventory of real estate than there are people wanting to buy. As a Buyer, this gives you the opportunity to look at multiple properties and give some thought as to what you like. For most properties, multiple offers are not currently a concern. This is good news since it takes the pressure off having to make a quick decision. However, having said that, if you find something you really like you should have your Realtor write an offer as soon as possible. If the property is that good, chances are others will feel the same way and you don’t want to take a chance and lose the property.

Let’s talk about Realtors for a moment. Did you know that as a Buyer it doesn’t cost you anything to work with a Realtor? Realtors get paid by the Seller only when a deal completes. Working with a Realtor can save you time, money and inconvenience. Time: they search the listings every day to see if anything suits your criteria so you don’t have to spend time on the computer. Money: when it comes time to negotiate, they will do everything they can to ensure you get the best possible purchase price. Inconvenience: they know the pitfalls a Buyer can encounter so a good Realtor will stay involved in the entire buying process, until they hand you your keys. Women know the importance of listening. They understand you want great bathrooms, need closet space to accomodate your shoes and that you don’t care if the floor is ¼” or ½” real or faux wood. I encourage you to work with a female Realtor who “gets” what you want…..

Colette Gerber is RE/MAX Realtor who works anywhere in the Lower Mainland that the business takes her. She was recently awarded her Accredited Buyer’s Agent designation, joining the 1 ½% of BC Realtors with this prestigious accreditation. You can contact Colette by visiting  www.colettegerber.com

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